Turin, Baroque experience!


€ 350.00 per class


  • Guided tour service for the whole day;
  • Sending diatal cards in depth to the topics covered during the trip;
  • Reservation for museums;
  • Secretarial expenses and administrative procedures.


MORNING. With ART IN TOUR we will cover the activities of the two ARCHISTARS of the time: GUARINO GUARINI and FILIPPO JUVARRA. At the foot of the Alps we will reveal the hidden secrets, symmetries, numerology, devotion.
Starting from Piazza Castello we will enter the Royal Church of San Lorenzo and the phantasmagoric Chapel of the Shroud inside the Royal Palace. In Palazzo Madama we will see the grand staircase and the monumental façade that exposes itself to the heart of the city. We will describe Palazzo Carignano, with its undulating front and in the end we will arrive in the real baroque heart of Turin: the superb Piazza San Carlo.
A new path to look at Turin with other eyes, plunging into one of the most theatrical and varied moments in the history of modern architecture: Baroque.
AFTERNOON TO BE CHOOSEN among two pearls of the Deliziae Crown :
- Thematic visit to VENARIA ROYAL PALACE. "La Venaria" (or Hunting residence) is the most impressive residence of the Crown, a direct competitor of the most important European rulers of the late seventeenth century.
- Thematic visit to STUPINIGI HUNTING LODGE. Volunteered by Vittorio Amedeo II and commissioned to the First Regio Architect, Filippo Juvarra in which the hunting activity, with its rigorous hierarchy, is combined with the complex "epiphany" of the Court.

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