Royal Museums of Turin


€ 200.00 per class (max 25 students)


  • Dedicated tour guide for the whole day;
  • Sending educational sheets for further information on the topics covered in the trip;
  • Reservations for all museums and royal residences affected by our guided tours;
  • Secretarial expenses and administrative procedures.


Where did the King and Queen live? What did they love,  eat, how did they enjoy themselves? We will be guests of the most important residence of the Savoy family, we'll visit the daily places, we'll discover the symbols of power, the beauty that surrounded them, the intrigues and the most faithful servants of the court; we will admire the marvelous collection of historical weapons and armor commissioned by King Carlo Alberto. In addition, after a long restoration, we will have the opportunity to contemplate the masterpiece of Guarini who has made a coffer to the most important and controversial relic: the Holy Shroud. Finally we will visit the most regal art collection in Turin with Italian and international masterpieces envied by the whole world.

An authentic king experience!

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