Dejéuner sur l'herbe. Venaria among art and history


€ 350.00 per class (max 25 pax per group)


  • Guided tour conducted by a professional guide supported by the Master's Degree in History of Art or Humanities
  • Reservations.
  • Secretarial expenses and practices


  • entrance tickets


An art history class en plein air in the places where great artists did masterpiece of Art History to see and than learn Reggia di Venaria out from school rooms.

We will appreciate the work of achitects Amedeo di Castellamonte, Michelangelo Garove, Filippo Juvarra that were involved in the Reggia di Venaria project that was in comparison with the most important royal palace of Europe; the art of court painters such as Pietro Domenico Olivero, Bernardino Quadri e Jan Miel that here did a declination on Hunting not just as an entertainment but as a symbol of power; the precious stucchi of Pietro Filippo Somazzi that enriched rooms and ambients giving an aulic aspect to a palace that was a shelter from city routine.

At the end of the visit a delicious lunchbox waits for us to...have lunch on the grass...DEJUNER SUR L’HERBE! This will be not just a moment of relax but it will let us to live the experience of Savoy court walking through the green baroque Gardens of Reggia restored with a magistral work to their splendour.

In the afternoon we will do a time travel forward at Appartamenti di Borgo Castello to underline the different modus vivendi of  Senenteenth-Eighteen Century court and the life of the first King of Italy in the luxuriant green of Parco della Mandria where he hide with Bela Rosin from the chokehold of kingly offices.

An immersion not just in the Art but also in the life and the green areas of this Delizia, not weel Known and appreciated still in wich two centuries of of kings relaxed themseves.


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