Roman Turin


€ 350.00 per class 


  • Dedicated tour guide for the whole day;
  • Sending educational sheets for further information on the topics covered in the trip;
  • Reservations for all museums and royal residences affected by our guided tours;
  • Secretarial expenses and administrative procedures.



A tour that will involve pupils and teachers, in the search for the ancient vestiges of the Roman city.

The day will be divided into two distinct moments, between the city center to search for what remains of this glorious past and the route in the newly established Archaeological Gallery, which will allow us to admire statues, busts, objects of daily life, from the imperial era, set up in a refined dialogue with other Mediterranean civilizations.

 We will crown the tour by descending among the vestiges of the ancient Roman theater, amid awe and monumenatlity. A true archaeological experience!

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