900. The industrial dream, dynasties in comparison: Agnelli and Lavazza


€ 350.00 per class 


  • Guided tour conducted by a professional guide supported by the Master's Degree in History of Art or Humanities;
  • Reservations at Pinacoteca Agnelli and Museo Lavazza;
  • Secretarial expenses and practices.


A journey through the twentieth century through two successful business stories, that of the Agnelli family and of Fiat and that of Lavazza and Luigi Lavazza. Both founded in Turin, both symbols of success, both flags of Italianity abroad, both iconic witnesses to the economic boom and the post-war Italian renaissance. We will visit the Lingotto factory and the museum inside with the treasures of art collected a whole life. We will take a panoramic tour to discover the jewels of the twentieth century in Turin like the exteriors of the Car Museum, designed by architect Amedeo Albertini; the area where the celebrations of the first centenary of the Unification of Italy were concentrated; the lungo Po, which has welcomed several international expòs and finally the symbol of Turin, the Mole, masterpiece of the architect Antonelli. We will visit the new pulsating heart of Lavazza, the Nuvola, designed by Cino Zucchi, where we will cover the history of coffee, of the Lavazza family and of design through the five senses plus one ... the memory.

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