Corona di Deliziae

 € 140.00 max 4 pax

group rates under request


  • guided tour service conducted by qualified personnel with a Master's Degree in History of Art or Humanities;
  • managerial and secretarial expenses


  • tickets
  • what not specified above


Discover with ART IN TOUR the Corona di Delizie - the Crown of Deliziae - or the system of Royal Residences of Piedmont!
Let's live with us this experience that will lead you to learn about habits, rituals, loves and passions in the shadow of royal power.
A wonderful guided tour, discovering the excellences and the modus vivendi linked to the House of Savoy.
A tour of castles, parks and vineyards of the Royal House.... Declared by UNESCO as  World Heritage Site, the Savoy residences have been indicated not by chance with the term "Crown of Delights ..." because they are used as places of command and as dwellings of amusement ...
Every royal residence on our site has a dedicated page, go and discover it!

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