Rivoli Castle and sacred of St. Michael

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  • guided tour service conducted by qualified personnel with a Master's Degree in History of Art or Humanities;
  • managerial and secretarial expenses


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  • what not specified above


Once upon a time, ... So the tales begin. And so we will start our guided tour in one of the most fascinating castles of the Corona di Deliziae: Rivoli.
The residence of loisir of the Royal House, a place of excellence for its lanscape that bows to its grandeur, the Castello di Rivoli stands on the top of a hill whose shoulders are surrounded by the Val Susa Alps, while the front is connected to Turin by the prospective axis of Corso Francia, a boulevard about 12 km long!
Our cultural proposal is a path entirely dedicated to the historic rooms of the Castle, on the artistic events of the great architects who have left an indelible mark in these majestic, imposing and at the same time uncanny spaces.

We will move to the time of the Sacra San Michele, which is the most amazing example of Gothic Art in Piedmont.
It dominates the Val di Susa from its 962 meters of height and gives the valley its unmistakable profile. It is one of the largest religious architectural complexes of Roman times throughout Europe. The atmosphere of the Sacra di San Michele is breathed in "The Name of the Rose": it seems that Umberto Eco was inspired by the Sacra to set his novel translated in film by Jean-Jacques Annaud in 1986...

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