The Royal kitchens

€ 40.00 p.p. (grp min 20 max 25 pax)


  • Extraordinary and exclusive opening of the indicated route;
  • Guided tour led by a qualified guide with a degree in art history or humanities subjects;
  • Expenses for Ministry surveillance personnel;
  • Management and care of the event.


  • tickets
  • what not specified above


An unconventional tour of the service rooms of the Royal Palace of Turin, where a large brigade of waiters and cooks, dishwashers and butchers, all ready to take the sovereigns' favourite dishes to the 'upper floors', still seems to move.

A journey from the semi-darkness of the boiler room to the cheerful kitchens to the dusty cellars that stored fine wines.

We will then enter the flat of Queen Helena of Montenegro, which houses sumptuously laid tables and colourful boudoirs, with precious crystal and ceramic services...

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