Cavour Experience


from € 180.00 max 4 pax

group rates under request


  • guided tour service conducted by qualified personnel;
  • managerial and secretarial expenses


  • tickets
  • what not specified above


The favourite residence of the Cavour family, we find along the way a large number of personal objects that belonged to the Prime Minister.

The rooms, upgraded after careful restoration, offer fascinating images, interspersed with stuccoes, courtly furniture and China rooms.
The Castle is surrounded by a large English-style park with centuries-old trees.
Not only political life and diplomatic engagements... setting foot in the home of Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, a great man who made the history of Italy, is a bit like taking a peek into his private life, his habits, his family history... in short, a new and inescapable experience, a stone's throw from Turin!


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