A strange love story: Rosa and the King

€ 180.00  4 pax


  • guided tour service with professionally qualified personnel with a specialist degree in art history;
  • event management and care costs.


  • ticket
  • what not specified above


Victor Emmanuel, it is known, was an unconventional ruler.

An unusual, sanguine man, a lover of food, hunting and beautiful women... A monarch of great charisma, he always knew how to distinguish public life from private choices. Unaccustomed to study and art, but humane in his manners, he was well liked by the people, who appreciated his difficult and hindered love affair with Bela Rosina.

ART IN TOUR will take you on a tour of the private flats of Borgo Castello.

A palace built for stays in the shadow of royal officialdom, this magical place will slowly reveal itself, to show the public how much it echoes (yesterday as today) the courage of uncommon living.

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