In Pinerolo, between history and curiosity


€ 180.00 max 4 pax

group rates under request


  • guided tour service conducted by qualified personnel with a Master's Degree in History of Art or Humanities;
  • managerial and secretarial expenses


  • tickets
  • what not specified above


Guided tour of Pinerolo, long disputed between the Savoy and the Kingdom of France: conquered by Cardinal Richelieu in the 17th century, Pinerolo was one of the major strongholds in French hands for no fewer than 66 years. In popular culture, its image is strongly linked to the mysterious Iron Mask who arrived here escorted by the Musketeers, as narrated by Dumas.
Pinerolo is elegantly embraced by the hill, and offers a lovely historic center with stores, medieval houses, arcades, and many curiosities!
Our tour starts from Piazza Vittorio, at the Caprilli Riding School (where, with a minimum of advance notice, it will be possible to see the interior, celebrating the great Federigo Caprilli, who revolutionized the method of horseback riding) to Piazza Cavour to arrive at the Cathedral of San Donato, where a tasty snack will be available upon request, at a historic café with a Belle Époque atmosphere.
After indulging in Zurich Cake, we will ascend to the Acaja Terraces and admire the medieval fronts of the Vicar's Palace, the Acaja and the Senate.
The walk will culminate on the hill of San Maurizio, the highest part of the city, where we will admire an enviable panoramic view.

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