€ 35.00 per person (min 20 max 25 pax)


  • Guided tour conducted by a professional guide with an academic degree in History of Art or Humanities;
  • Admission tickets;
  •  Reservation rights;
  • Compulsory group tour rental;
  •  Administrative expenses and secretarial practices.


MRT, SABAUDA GALLERY, Palatine Rooms, from April 15th until July 14th 2019

The commemorating celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the death of the absolute genius of the Renaissance in Turin start from the SABAUDA GALLERY with an exhibition of the treasures of Leonardo from Savoy collections, including the famous SELF-PORTRAIT, the CODEX ON THE FLIGHT OF BIRDS, the STUDY FOR AN ANGEL for the Virgin of the Rocks and other autograph drawings.

The exhibit itinerary is divided into six sections dedicated to the keys to understanding the work of the Master and related to other works by Renaissance artists: the heritage of ancient art; the explorations of the anatomy and proportions of the human body; the comparison between art and poetry; the self-portrait; the study of faces and the challenge with himself for representing emotions.

At the end, some studies on the flight and a little known aspect of the Master: LEONARDO AND PIEMONT, in search of the Piedmontese places present in his studies and with the Canale di Ivrea, fulcrum of the section, on an Atlantic Codex' sheet.

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