About us

Art in Tour is a tourist guide agency founded in 2005, that today it has a professional staff consisting of about twenty elements, to which the leader is MICHELA SGHERZI, an art historian and founder of the activity.
The tourist guides of ART IN TOUR are regularly registered in the Professional Register of the Province of Turin with also a degree on Art History or Archeology, Architecture or other Humanities subjects (History, Philosophy ...)
ART IN TOUR guides have a thorough knowledge of foreign languages as ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, JAPANESE. Our mission is to spread and make appreciate the artistic and cultural heritage of the Piedmontese Territory, giving particular emphasis not just on Turin and Piedmont immense museum’s heritage and to their Royal Residences, but also on the most prestigious temporary exhibitions hosted in our territory .
The advantage of calling ART IN TOUR is to ensure your groups (adults and scholastics) with a Qualified Guide, which can accompany you around all day, let the tourist to become familiar with a professionist that knows by heart every corner of the territory.
ART IN TOUR guides are allowed to work in EVERY MUSEUM and ROYAL RESIDENCE of Piedmont. The advantage of calling ART IN TOUR takes place in ensuring your friends in a guide that helps you to play a leading role.
ART IN TOUR guides are authorized to work in EVERY MUSEUM AND REAL RESIDENCE of Piedmont.
It will also take care to make all reservations at all museums and historic homes.


each guided tour is based on the needs of the group and on the rigor of our staff, based on the requirements and expectations. Because the skill of a guide is to understand "on the fly" who is in front of her! With us not only art and culture, but also anecdotes, entertainment, recipes, good food and moments of salons!


the professionalism of the guides The art on tour also takes place in a simple and intuitive way!
Together with teachers we could do customized tours for all schools!
ART IN TOUR is partner of Consorzio Turistico Incoming Experience, with prestigious hotels and restaurants in the city center.